About Fine Tea Merchants


Managing Director

Will trained as a tea taster in India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Malawi. He has 20 years of experience in tea sourcing and blending having worked in the UK and Continental Europe. Will has well-established connections with proven suppliers in almost every tea origin, he has also devised blends for tea drinkers in European, Australasian, American and Asian markets.

Will’s book The World Tea Encyclopaedia was published by Troubador Press in January 2017. It covers every tea-producing country and advises tea lovers on tea cultivation and manufacture, origin, seasonality and local ‘terroir’ and tries to de-bunk tea myths and snobbishness.


FTM exists to supply the tea shops, tea merchants and small packers of the UK and Continental Europe. We import direct from origin and store a range of teas, botanicals and accessories in our warehouse in rural Lincolnshire. We specialize in fine and rare teas but also carry a selection of flavoured- herbal- and fruit-blends. We have made it our long-term goal to offer as broad an assortment as we can in order to give consumers a chance to experience the world of teas beyond the traditionally consumed origins.

We offer teas in any order quantity from 1 kilogramme to 1 tonne and we can ship to you in straight-lines or offer you one of our blends. We are also able to develop bespoke blends that perform well in your local water.

We are a business-to-business service only and do not sell to the general public so we will never compete with you.


Our partners in India A.Tosh and Sons, were established in 1897 and have since become one of India’s leading tea exporters. At the core of the Tosh philosophy are the twin values of Excellence and Trust which underpin every activity that we undertake. Tosh have offices throughout the main Indian tea centres as well as a brand new custom-built blending and packing factory located on a coconut plantation in Tamil Nadu.


We believe that tea retailers stand or fall on their cash flow, quality, range, story-telling and pricing.
We offer small minimum order quantities of loose tea down just to 1kg (500g on rare items)/£50 to enable you to limit your cash tied-up in stock.
We are flexible in how we take orders- via our website, by telephone or send us an email.
We store and handle all our botanical items in a dehumidified area in order to more effectively maintain quality and ensure that our customers receive more and better tea for their money.
We offer every tea where possible with a comprehensive storytelling sheet to assist the retailer in their marketing story.
We achieve good value by specializing in buying full container loads direct from origin and maintaining an efficient overhead at our warehouse and blending factory.